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Art has been a key process in my life from a young age. In working for over a decade with all different kinds of people, from preschoolers to senior citizens, I am more than convinced of the power of art to aid in communication, allow the unspoken to be spoken aloud, and give new means of expression to those who may have had none and had been powerless to communicate in the past. Also having post graduate training in verbal counseling, I am also flexible enough to work with clients who may prefer the more traditional mode of "talk therapy". I am a licensed professional counselor in New Jersey, a registered, board certified art therapist and a licensed creative arts therapist in New York.

My goal is professional treatment of my clients, tapping into their innate and perhaps previously unknown ability to speak through their art, in all types of media, from painting and drawing to clay, photography, sculpture and digitally through the computer. In giving my clients of all ages a new pathway to express their individuality and uniqueness through art making, we work as a team to express emotion, formulate futures, deal with the past, and fnd the inner creativity that exists in all of us.

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