About Rian Kerfoot

Rian is an Empowerment Coach and writer. She shines a light on the things that tend to be kept in the dark and uses self-love as fuel for speaking truth. Through her writing and one-on-one coaching, she helps women break out of boxes, love themselves full stop and step into their power to create crazy good lives and powerful boss-of-yo-self businesses. Her blog, Truth and Cake has been a longstanding featured blog on wordpress.com, where she's known for building community and speaking from the heart. In her past lives, she played quirky characters on stages in Chicago and wore power heels as a Vancouver real estate agent. A proud Camerican, she strives to embody the best of both her home country, the U.S. and her adopted country, Canada. Aka: she apologizes with confidence. She currently lives with her partner in Vancouver, where she practices yin yoga, spins to Jay-Z and obsesses over human potential.

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