About Rajul Punjabi

Rajul was born and raised in New Jersey, but sometimes, when she’s really excited, her Indian accent comes out. While earning an English/Writing degree from Kean University in her native state, she ventured over the river to NYC in search of magazine and publishing internships. She's been freelancing for music and entertainment mags ever since, and her byline has appeared in VIBE, Rap-Up, and Billboard.com. As tangomag.com’s single LoveStage blogger, she prides herself in using her weekly column as an excuse to date recklessly, say ridiculous things to men and document their reactions. She also has minor crushes on many of the NYPD (they're not kidding when they say "New York's finest") and major crushes on powerful female editors. She recently moved into the city with two great roommates who are both in finance; they envy the cool parties she gets to attend, while she envies their ability to afford things.

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