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I am a writer, blogger, and 10 year cancer survivor living in New York City. I've been published by The Seattle Times, The Huffington Post, and more, and I am also currently a SheKnows.com "Expert Among Us".

After years as a journalist covering everything from dating to art show reviews, I worked in fashion brand marketing and PR. Today, I write about women's lifestyle issues including style, relationships, career, purpose, and of course life after cancer on my website HerAfter.com. But HerAfter isn't just for cancer survivors. It's for all women, because we all face our own individual battles.

HerAfter is ultimately about remembering those big life lessons in the every day moments. It's about appreciating life fully. It's about seeing beauty and style and health differently, in ways that celebrate our individuality rather than diminishes it. It's about celebrating the little moments, while keeping our eyes on the bigger picture. HerAfter always tries to address the questions women ask daily in the face of both joy and hardship. Because a future in which all women feel great about themselves no matter their circumstances, cherish each other as powerful beings, and realize their own potential and beauty could change the world, don't you think?? 

I am originally from the Pacific Northwest, and have since lived in Seattle, Los Angeles and currently New York City. My writing career began at age 17 interning at a local newspaper. After being diagnosed with stage 4 Hodgskin's Lymphoma at that same age, my family and I returned to Southern California where I was born, in order to be treated at Cedar Sinai Medical Center in the heart of Beverly Hills. Because of that hospital, and my miracle-working doctor, I was prescribed an experimental chemotherapy that had only been used a few times previously on much less severe cases. We went all in, and the hard work paid off when, six months later, I returned home to finish up some radiation treatments, and of course high school. Today, that same chemo helps other patients fight their own lymphoma as well.
I earned my degree in Communications and British Literature, as well as certification as a Yoga Instructor. I've studied meditation, literature, the art of falling in love, and practicing happiness and gratitude all over the world, because there is no better education than travel!

You can catch up with my daily happenings and posts via my Twitter, @RachaelYahne, or follow me on Instagram @rachaelaftercancer to see my adventures around New York and the world.

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