About Pauline Campos

Pauline Campos is a body-image and mental health activist and author of the Amazon best-selling memoir, BabyFat: Adventures in Motherhood, Muffin tops, & Trying to Stay Sane. She founded www.girlbodypride.com to empower women working to silence that mean girl inside their heads, and blogs at Aspiringmama.com. Pauline also is a public speaker and an award-winning photographer who happens to prefer her iPhone to her DSLR. A self-taught artist, Pauline also has had her work featured in a number of juried art shows across the country. She’s a self-described, life-long recovering bulimic and is certain ADHD is her superpower. Her Spanish sucks but she rolls the R when she says the word “three”, she's raising her daughter to be a bitch on purpose, and she wonders why no one else chews their ice cream. Pauline lives in Maine with The Husband, their daughter, and three rescue dogs. Oh, and typos are her Kryptonite. 

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