About Pam Babbitt

I am a Sex and Relationship Coach and believe that sex should be ecstatic, healing, expansive, connecting, and without guilt or shame. My coaching is effective, goal-oriented and usually more short-term than therapy. You will integrate mind, body and soul as we address emotional, sexual and physical intimacy. Particular areas of focus are: dating, gender issues, what women want, sexual dysfunctions, deepening intimacy, and sex and aging. The basic principles of my coaching are: - I am your guide and collaborator on this healing journey. - I will support and empower you without judgment. - I request your honesty and will encourage your authenticity. - My guidance is heartful, empathetic, nurturing, fluid, and educational. My self-directed educational path has included targeted trainings by highly-respected teachers: The Body Electric School of the Healing Arts (Sacred Intimate), various trainings at Omega Institute and Kripalu, tantric training with Source School of Tantra, Robert Frey, Annie Brook (Naropa University), Michael The Red, Juliana Dahl, Quodoushka (Native American Spiritual Sexuality), and Non-Violent Communication. I am also an avid self-educator with an unstoppable curiosity. Along with my formal education, my learnings from The School of Life are a valued asset. As an intuitive empath, my personal (and colorful!) life experiences have gifted me with a precious understanding, insight, and a heart that will hold without judgment. I proudly support Woodhull Freedom Foundation, Planned Parenthood, and Boulder County AIDS Project.

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