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As an emotional eater I have tried every diet around. I have lived most of my years obsessing about what I was going to eat today or planning all of my meals for the following day. My obsession with food prevented me from living my life. Instead of dealing with my problems, I sought solace in dieting and calorie counting. My mood and self worth fluctuated based on the number on the scale.

Good weight = Good Mood;

Bad weight = Bad mood.

Under the guidance of a Holistic Nutrition and Health Counselor, specializing in Metabolic typing, I have learned to listen to my body and its wisdom. I no longer torment myself for eating the foods I enjoy. I live my life and eat the foods that are right for me and my body.

If this is something that you experience on a daily basis, don't deprive yourself any longer. Contact me so we can start the healing.

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