About ME

I am currently on nine months of paid paternity leave in Stockholm, Sweden, where I live with my wife and two small children - a 3-year-old daughter and a 15-month-old son.


My Swedish wife and I met in grassroots peace groups in post-war Yugoslavia in 1997.  Nothing happened then, which was almost soley my fault.  Six years and a few tentative e-mails later, we met again in rural Croatia at a peace project reunion, and this time I did not fail to kiss her (though it was insanely close).  We have lived in Sweden, upstate New York and then Sweden again.  After a suburban New York nightmare, we live in a tiny apartment with no car in "socialist" Sweden and love it.  


I write a blog on my paternity leave at Dispatches from Daddyland and am also a news columnist/blogger for The Faster Times.