About ME

You have to kiss a frog or fifteen before you get to your prince/ss. That part of the bargain you accept, but when the amphibian turns out to be a deviant of sorts, stiffs you with the bill or herpes…My Very Worst Date™ is a commiseration of the moments when the sweet possibilities of romance turn into a sour struggle to get the hell out of the situation. We strongly believe that airing our (and other peoples) courtship disasters provides comedy, comfort and cautionary tales to bear in mind the next time you say ‘yes’ to drinks with a mysterious stranger. Send us your disaster courtship tales: http://myveryworstdate.com/submit/ There's more worsts...Share your roommate hate found at My Very Worst Roommate (www.myveryworstroom.com) and reportage of 9 to 5 hell at My Very Worst Job (www.myveryworstjob.com).