About Michal Spiegelman

I am Michal Spiegelman, a Balance Expert and a Life Coach. I help people from all over the world to create balance and fulfillment in their lives. I'm devoted to helping busy women achieve a deep, sustainable level of happiness, fulfillment and success, and I am passionate about empowering and inspiring women to tap into their unlimited potential and step into their greatness.

My signature tool, the Ultimate Balance System has helped thousands of women to create Balanced Moments in their lives and helps them to successfully juggle their zillion roles, while showing up present, grounded and fulfilled.

I am a Certified Professional Life Coach (trained by iPEC), a speaker, and the founder of Balanced Moments. I am also a Reiki Master and Teacher, an Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner and a Social Worker.

I love training new generations of coaches as an Associate Training Coach for iPEC.

Please contact me directly to see how I can help you to make your life even better.

Contact me at Michal@BalancedMoments.com or (770) 605-8313.

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