About Meghan Ensell

Meghan is a married mother of two — under the age of 6. She has a master's degree in clinical psychology and for 15 years, worked as a therapist in prisons and psychiatric hospitals. She also spent time as a relationship expert, acting as a consultant for adult boutiques, and radio and TV shows. Meghan published an advice column, answering questions about relationships, health, mental illness, exercise, nutrition, and parenting. A few years ago, she found herself crying in a therapy session (not her own!) and decided she may be burning out. Falling back on her love of writing and storytelling, Meghan now works as a copywriter at a university in Arizona. And when she’s not working or mom-ing, Meghan blogs, performs on Arizona’s live-storytelling scene, co-hosts the parenting podcast, MotherF_cked and runs to keep her anxiety at bay. 

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