About Mary Widdicks

Former cognitive psychologist turned suspense novelist and freelance journalist specializing in the psychology of parenting, mental health, and education. Mary’s articles have been featured on The Washington Post, Undark Magazine, Quartz, Elemental, Vox, Your Teen Magazine, and more. She has also appeared on public radio discussing the psychology of parenting. Mary does not perform well at 5:30am. 

Mary is a firm believer in strong, twisted female characters and unhappy endings. Though her internet search history is not for the faint of heart. She is the author of The Mermaid Asylum series, which includes psychological suspense thrillers: A Mutual Addiction, Folie à Deux, and A Sole Redemption.

Raised near Portland, Oregon, Mary now lives in central Illinois where the tallest thing for miles is corn. She shares a perpetually shrinking house with her three kids, two dogs, and two cats…and can usually be found writing under at least one of them at all times. Follow her at: http://marywiddicks.com 

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