About ME

I grew up in Minnesota. It was too cold to function...but I managed to get a great education and have a terrific childhood. I started college determined to be a writer but quickly discovered a deeper passion for advertising. I likely have The Dick Van Dyke Show, Thirty Something and Melrose Place to thank for that. It wasn’t long before I high-tailed it to NYC to try to make something of myself. In 2005, I hired my own life coach when I was facing increasing challenges in my life. I was rapidly advancing in my job and needed help navigating issues from leading better teams to balancing my work and personal life. I quickly discovered that coaching was wildly helpful in nearly every area of my life. I had an ideal life that I had written down on paper. But it wasn’t until I started working with a coach that I was able to make everything on my list a reality. I continue to work with him today because of the amazing results I achieve. I'm an Executive Vice President at a global ad agency and have spent 16 years leading successful teams, coaching high performance employees and spearheading training initiatives for a department of more than 200 employees. My coach training also includes education through The Landmark Forum and the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching which is accredited by the International Coaching Federation. I am currently taking on a limited number of new gay clients who are interested in gay life coaching, gay career coaching, gay business coaching, gay couples coaching or gay relationship coaching. I do focus on other gay-related coaching issues as well.