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I came into this world knowing everything, and have carefully lost all of that knowledge along the way.  I am working to connect with all citizens of the world through the energy that binds us all togther.  Within this energy and connection, I believe all knowledge is contained.  We lose our ability to access it as we become more socialized to survive within the systems we have created.

I am a Sagitaruis with Leo, Aries and Aquarian children.  It makes for a very interesting household.  May presidents, no citizens.

I have a BA in Social Science from DePaul University in Chicago, IL

I became a Certitified Co-Actvie Coach in 2011, and coached for almost one year prior to my certification as part of the process of becoming a Co-Active Coach. Being a Co-Active Coach means each person I work with, I hold as Creative, Resourceful and Whole.  I do not have your answers.  You are the expert on you.  I just hold the space in which you can uncover yourself.  It is a magical process that I am truly grateful to have learned and share.

I became a Reiki Master in 2011 as well.

I began working with Akashic records in 2012. I have completed level III in the training with the records.  I plan to take the last level, but have not yet.

I believe that I can heal and coach anyone, because it is the "person" you are working with, not the situation or circumstances. 

I have divorced the father of my three children and continue to co-parent with him.

I also believe in life long learning and plan to attend my other classes in an on-going basis.



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