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When people ask me about working with me as a divorce coach I like to say it's like having a hundred trusted friends who've been through divorce and who are willing to share their knowledge and experience in a supportive, collaborative and non-judgmental way.

If you're trying to decide if divorce is the right decision for you, I can help you through your thought-process so you understand your fears and can balance the pros and cons of your situation. Don't expect me to make the decision for you: ending a marriage is never easy and if you're not able to make this decision for yourself, then you're not ready to face these challenges.

If your marriage is ending then I can help you prepare for divorce, collect your professional team, renegotiate your relationship with your Soon-To-Be-Ex, formulate your parenting philosophy, create your financial plan and adapt to living singly. I'll customize the coaching to fit your circumstances.



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