About Maia Berens

Hi. My name is Maia Berens. I love to coach and help people uncover their talents and gifts. My favorite hobby for years now is watching people grow.

My own life experience has taught me that once people pick up their courage and deal with their emotional baggage, the mistaken beliefs they have made about themselves become conscious and they are able to find their Real Self – who they were born to be. The experience with and knowledge of my participation in such profound transformation brings me breathtaking fulfillment.

I also love to teach others how to coach. Teaching others how to coach is like doing my favorite leisure pursuit – with a cherry on top.

So I am now dedicating my time to training and supporting potential coaches. I do this by coaching them through YOU University – giving them the transformative experience – and at the same time I teach them how to coach so they learn to do the same with their clients.

YOU University Life Coach Training is a transformational coaching program that helps participants uncover their talents and gifts that they have to bring to coaching. The training is very hands on and done largely in groups via teleconference. It's totally a blast!

My Beliefs and Way of Being in the World

• I live my personal and spiritual growth.
• Life experience = learning experience and growth opportunities.
• I know we are spiritual and human at the same time.
• I know we are here for a human experience.
• I know we are here to learn and grow – if that’s what we choose to do.

My Coaching Philosophy

About your issues, I suggest: Let’s find a higher perspective or let’s get to the other side of it. Let’s not let it run your life any longer.

A Bit of My Story

I went from victimhood rooted in childhood sexual abuse to an early unsuccessful marriage – to creating a long lasting, nurturing marriage with my current husband of 25 years and Relationship YOU to give you the tools keep your relationship working happily ever after.

From Underpaid to Running a Company

For many years, I was challenged with jobs that mismatched my talents – low pay and sometimes no job at all.

By refocusing and discovering my talents and following steps to improving my self-esteem, I eventually became Founder and Director of the Mars Venus Institute (John Gray – best selling author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus) creating workshops, coaching and training hundreds of professional speakers and therapists and being trained by John in the technology of emotions.

Today I am living my dream. If you have 11 minutes and you want to hear how that happened, watch my movie, Once Upon a Time There Was YOU.

• I dreamed that the work I did on myself would free my children from recreating the troubled lives their parents had. Today my four adult children live really good lives. They have functional relationships with their 3 parents, their children and with each other.
• I dreamed that a relationship with the opposite sex could be a joy and help me learn about loving and giving, sharing, and mutual support. I’ve lived that dream for the past 27 years.

It’s All About the Emotional Blocks

Everyone – including me – seems to manifest blocks to their growth. Have you ever noticed that if you don’t seem able or willing to deal with some area of life that’s not working, it tends to “come back” – only bigger?

Valuing myself enough showed up via 3 marriages. Those blocks to a fulfilling and successful relationship have taught me to trust what I want. Also, that I’m worthy of having what I want and that what I want is the best thing for me. If I get what I want, my needs are fulfilled and I make the largest contribution to the planet because of it.

• Maybe you don’t love or trust yourself enough.
• Maybe you have some issues from the past that need some work.
• Maybe you need to break self-defeating patterns.

If you learn to look at life from certain perspectives, you’ll know what needs to be done and have the tools and support to do it.

To contact Maia, call 310-264-5625 or email maia@allaboutlifecoaching.com.

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