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I’ve been there!

Hi! Laurel Inman here. Over the past 12 years I’ve developed a deep passion for helping women transform a love/hate relationship with food, into one of pure love, joy and bliss! The latest statistic I’ve come across stated that 90% of all diet attempts fail. Why? Well, sometimes we need more and diets don’t allow for more. It is no wonder we struggle… we are a society that has great food at its finger tips 24/7.

I overcame my own struggle after hitting rock bottom at my heaviest weight. I woke up realizing food had more control over me than I had over food. Sound familiar? I began to see the signs of being an emotional eater (hiding food, eating in secret, overdoing it, and eating until stuffed). I even became envious of thin women (I’m not normally a jealous person).

Fortunately, my heart called out for help and I was answered! Since learning the techniques for breaking free from emotional eating, I’ve been living at my natural, diet-free weight of a size 4-6 for twelve years now! I’m also a busy mother of three.

Since I found the solutions to healing emotional eating and weight gain, I have turned around and now help other women break free, just as I have. Since my transformation, I’ve been a personal & health coach and to women on the same journey for freedom!

Freedom from emotional eating is possible and it is delicious! 

There has been a lot of research on what does and doesn’t work. Part of my college degree focused on eating disorders in women’s studies. What I learned was that the very method I used to break free from emotional eating is actually the only one that works permanently. 

One-on-One Coaching
Inspired by how effective these methods are, I’m excited to offer individualized support, guidance and tools. Coaching is an incredible support system on all levels of Mind-Body-Spirit! Also, you have direct access to me and can ask any questions as they arise.  Click here to learn more!

Eating With Heart E-Book
A little of the right information can go a long way! I’m excited to offer you my E-Book, Eating With Heart: The Five Steps to Freedom From Emotional Eating. You may purchase the E-Book separately, or it comes free with any of my more advanced programs.

My 12 Week Online Program!
This is my favorite program to offer! For just under $12/week you can have an instant path to follow from the comfort of your own home and on your timeline. You also get linked in to a community of other like-minded women! Click here to get started!

Free Consultation
Before you buy another supplement or go on another diet, call me!!! I offer a free 30-minute consultation to review your goals, discuss your areas of struggle and give you an inventory of solutions and/or resources. If for any reason, I can’t help you, I will give you a referral to a person or service that can! Either way, you walk away with a solution. We can meet by phone or Skype and I look forward to hearing your goals and being by your side as you reach your health and weight goals!

You heart has asked for help. Answers are here! If a heart-centered solution is what you truly crave, I look forward to talking with you. Your future self will thank you!

Love and blessings!

P.S. When I helped a close friend of mine go from over 200 pounds to 150 pounds, I realized this was my path.  Are you ready to begin your success story? 

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