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For over 35 years I have approached healing in a holistic way. I began with the use of herbs and healing-intention touch. Through observation, intuition, and personal experience, I came to hear the voice of the body. Often the body tells of relationships, events, thought-patterns, and injuries that are impacting it and speaking through the symptoms.

While looking for a way to completely release these blocks to health, I found Rebirthing Transformative Breathwork, a guided breathing therapy that uses continuous, connected, and deep-breathing patterns. Rebirthing is a hands-off technique that allows the breath to do the work of clearing the cells of waste and releasing toxins from the body. Long-held trauma can be released through the breath and often it is possible to connect with the memory of one’s own birth process. The effectiveness of its simple process never ceases to amaze me. I also include some Continuum Movement inspired breath and sound patterns in my work.

In addition to Rebirthing, I discovered that energy healing is also incredibly effective for alleviating symptoms, relieving stress, and increasing vitality and access to personal power. Two forms that have offered astounding results for me are Source Point Therapy and Reconnective Healing. Source Point Therapy works with points in the human energy field that connect the physical body directly to the universal blueprint of health. Through scanning the body, blockages can be located and the information of the blueprint can be accessed to restore order, balance, harmony, and flow. Source Point Therapy can be combined with other hands-on or hands-off therapies to enhance their effectiveness. Reconnective Healing is a hands-off mode of energy healing that accesses a bandwidth of frequencies that facilitate transformation. It promotes healing in every aspect of life, in a way that is most appropriate for each individual. It is also a noninvasive modality for healing children and pets.

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