About Kendall T. Johnson

Kendall T. Johnson is the best-selling author of I AM NOT MY CIRCUMSTANCE, a beauty entrepreneur and social media influencer, an award winning International Master Hairstylist with 23 years of experience, and the owner of Salon Voir in Ocoee, FL.

Her success was not handed to her, and neither was a clear path in life - but this did not stop her drive. Kendall went from being nearly homeless to creating a 6-figure beauty business and best-selling author in 8 months.


Her entrepreneurial success also translated into becoming a social media influencer, where she shares her hair and business tips. Her partnerships as an influencer include nationally-known brands such as Matrix and Booksy.


In July 2021, Kendall launched her consulting business that helps entrepreneurs from all industries level up in mindset by helping them change their paradigm to create the life they want to live generating over 5 figures in 42 days. Kendall now travels globally teaching success principles to hairstylists and women, as well as training others how to take charge of their life and create exponential growth in their business. 


She openly shares her growth within each of her best-selling books, I AM NOT MY CIRCUMSTANCE and I AM SUCCESS JOURNAL. 

Her inspirational stories and work have been featured across Good Day Chicago, Channel 2 WESH Orlando, CW 18, COX MEDIA RADIO, WOKB CHRISTIAN radio, and Afrotainment TV  talk show LIVE with Candice and Kris. Follow Kendall on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.

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