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Let me paint the picture: the year was 2005 and the place was New York City. I had just gotten back into the dating scene after a 14 year hiatus. To say that things had changed significantly since my last tour of duty would be an understatement. For instance, I quickly learned that, in the 21st century, it had become de rigueur to openly discuss deal breakers on the first date; men were no longer the only "players"; and people no longer called - they texted.  And finally, for the men, "manscaping" was part of the grooming regimen.

You see, if you're a guy in search of a round trip ticket, or even a one way ticket, to the field of dreams you had better manscape. With that thought in mind, and with the single women of New York City as my teachers, I quickly became well-schooled on the topic. But killing my gorilla-like appearance was not easy. I went through it all and suffered one bad grooming experience after another. Just to remove back hair, I waxed, endured laser hair removal sessions, used hair removal creams, and even had women shave my back with conventional razors. Each experience was worse than the last. For the women shaving my back, I imagine it was even worse for them.

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