About Kelly Utt-Grubb

Kelly is a writer and creative strategist dedicated to telling the kinds of meaningful stories she loves to read and watch. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville and she studied graduate level Interactive Media at Quinnipiac University. Prior to turning her attention toward the fields of publishing and entertainment, she spent more than a decade telling the stories of small businesses and their founders so the most positive and authentic parts could shine through. Her various work has been featured in national press including NPR, Entrepreneur Magazine, Huffington Post, Parents.com, and Los Angeles Times.

As a kid, Kelly grew up with a dad who would read a book, ask her to read it, too, and then insist they discuss it together. The topics were weighty things, like philosophy, religion, history, spirituality, psychology, creativity, love, cognition, perception, birth, death, and the afterlife. Although her father passed away when she was sixteen, her passion for life’s big questions lives on. She is currently working on an epic story of Love and Transience told across a series of novels.

The Love and Transience series is the debut production from her publishing company Standards of Starlight. Book One, Ithaca's Soldier, is now available via online retailers. Book Two, Heavenmost, and Book Three, Mortal Darlings, are also targeted for release in 2018, along with a number of short stories . Kelly is incredibly proud of the material she's producing and hopes you will want to read it.

In her free time, Kelly enjoys travel, good books, and good food, as well as a variety of media including movies, TV, music, and social media. She lives in the Nashville suburb of Franklin, Tennessee with her husband Sam and their two teenage sons.