About ME

During weekly coffee dates, three twenty-something friends J, M, and N found their conversations inevitably leading back to one topic: men. As they shared stories of conquests-past and present, their anecdotes often led to what-was-I-thinking-dating-that-guy? conclusions. After realizing many of the other women huddled around the café’s tables were discussing the very same topic, they decided there should be a place to share and read these dating red flag stories—hence The Little Black Blog was born.

Red flags aren't always deal breakers, nor do they make the offenders bad guys or girls. If you spot a red flag, the offense doesn't necessarily mean you need to kick the person to the curb—though if you start to recognize especially heinous ones, we hope you'll realize you deserve much better. Red flags hold us accountable, and, as with any relationship, it's best to proceed with awareness. After all, if you pay attention, no one can tell you, "I told you so." So, Ladies--and Gents--hop aboard the Commiseration Express—you’re in for one cringe-worthy ride.