About ME

Cue the music! I'm a 26 year old newly-minted attorney, entrepreneur, & cocktail server at the Underground. I became a lawyer when our country was facing the worst economic crisis in 70 years. Cubicles stifle my creativity, not to mention the unsightly effect of cubicle ass. I turn failed relationships into business plans rather than digging my way through a pint of Ben and Jerry's.

That said, instead of working for $14 an hour in a cubicle, I decided to take the creative route, and used my job as a cocktail server to finance these ventures. I am the co-founder of two websites: www.LegallyNoted.com and http://BeeOnTheList.com. Given my diverse background, a typical day for me involves bartering with coders in India, lawyering, dealing with the drunk public, and trying to squeeze in the occasional awkward first date.