About ME

Heather Holmes, formerly Heather DeSantis, is a purpose-driven public relations professional with a fiery passion for serving purpose-driven, mission-oriented brands in food, beverage, beauty and fashion.


Her experience as a publicist has spanned over 10 years. Her work in public relations has had her recognized as one of the Top women in PR Entrepreneurship in 2021. She’s also a finalist in the 2021 Platinum pr Awards for CEO of the Year. The former Miss Ohio International Pageant winner has also garnered a nomination in Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list for her extensive work elevating purpose-driven brands and enabling them in pursuing their missions.


I’ve found my purpose working for and growing purpose-driven brands.


Prior to working in PR, Heather took her studies at The Fund for American Studies at Georgetown, earning a degree in conscientious capitalism and free markets, focusing on philanthropy. Under a scholarship, she also earned her bachelor’s degree in Communications from Wittenberg University.


She found her stead working with passionate individuals who are committed to improving the world and the community through relevant, impactful work


Through her public relations agency, Publicity For Good (PFG), she’s been able to fulfill this mission. Since PFG’s inception in 2016, she and her team has worked with over 200 brands including Flying Embers, Eco Lips, Nutpods, R Riveter, Real Oyster Cult and Holy Kombucha and many more. Publicity For Good is the #1 PR and communications agency for consumer brands. 


Through PFG’s hands-on, client-centric approach to public relations, they’ve helped support and create industry leaders.


Heather’s team takes a very hands-on approach with their clients, focusing intently on their growth and ensuring that all their needs are met. PFG is relentless with its goals and aggressively seeks out opportunities that allow its clients to grow and become leaders in their space.


As an extension of the good work they do heather also manages the positivity news outlet, Good Side News, which seeks to promote positive ideas, messages, industry updates and stories of PFG’s clients.

She’s been on a journey in her Airstream to look for the perfect homestead from which they’ll nurture their family.


For over 3 years, Heather has worked on her business tirelessly from her and her husband, former navy officer, Austin, and daughter, Rose from their Airstream. They’ve treaded across the grandeur of the American landscape, visiting a multitude of cities across several states in search of a place to call home, where they can begin work on their homestead.

They’ve found a home in the form of a 22-acre piece of land in the mountains of North Carolina.


In their travels, they fell in love with a piece of raw land in Morganton, North Carolina. In line with her vision of sustainability, Heather’s dream for her family is to live a sustainable life growing their own food, raising livestock and living off the land. Today, they’re starting work to build their homestead.


Her grand vision of owning a 100 to 200 acre homestead is on its way as the family tirelessly works to slowly build it. Today, they’ve already accumulated a number of chickens, ducks and goslings and now manage a small bee farm. Soon enough, Heather Holmes, they can move on to raising some cattle on their humble, yet beautiful piece of land.