About Gracie X

Gracie X is an Author, Relationship Counselor, and Actress. Her book

“Wide Open: My Adventures in Polyamory, Open Marriage and

Loving On My Own Terms” is available wherever books are sold. 

A sex positive feminist Gracie X writes about how people can authentically

construct their relationships, marriages, and families to meet the needs of
everyone involved. Her main message is do it your own way.
“There is so much more spaciousness in our relationships to get our
needs met—and there’s not one correct way to do it. There are a spectrum
of options from monogamy to open marriage to polyamory and all the nuances

in between.”

She encourages people to create a unique ‘relationship mission statement’

and set up their marriages and families in the way that

works best for them.

She has been a principal on “Nash Bridges”, and numerous local TV and
commercials. Her short film which she directed and co-stars premiered in
the San Francisco Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. It has played at “The
Outfest” in Los Angeles, Amsterdam, Germany, Seattle, Orlando, and on
San Jose’s Public TV channel KTEH. Her plays have been produced by
‘Brava! For Women in the Arts”, The Climate Theater, Solo Mio, The Chi
Chi Club, The Fringe Festival, The Marsh and Josie’s Juice Joint. Gracie
X has toured throughout San Francisco, Vancouver and Los Angeles. A
graduate of Bard College, she has worked with Peggy Shaw and Lois Weaver
at the WOW Cafe in New York City.

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