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Sometimes being in a relationship is hard. You’ve done everything you could to talk about what’s not working. You are wondering if the kindness and respect you crave will ever be a part of your relationship again. You worry about your sex life and how to connect on all levels – emotionally, physically and spiritually.

I can show you a way to rekindle the connection and intimacy you crave.

Know How To Communicate in a Non-Confrontational Way

Resolving conflict means putting yourself into your partner’s shoes and learning how to develop empathy with each other.

So often what happens is that one person tries to do much of the communicating while the other withdraws. Both partners want to connect. Yet one ends up feeling that there is no way to get through while the other gets easily overwhelmed and retreats.

I can help you break through these patterns. One of the most powerful tools I use is the Imago dialogue, created by Harville Hendrix. I will coach you to express yourself in an honest but sensible way without hurting your partner. Your partner in return will reflect back what you are saying, and you will feel validated and fully understood.

What you will get out of couples counseling:
Communicate in a way that deepens your connection
Create a new relationship vision
Tools to calm yourself down when the conversation gets heated
Learn about your triggers and how to navigate them
Let go of unproductive patterns of relating that stem from the past
Rekindle romance
Renew and recreate a fulfilling sex life


If an emotional or sexual affair is interfering, the partners will determine a set amount of time in which the couple commits to working exclusively on their relationship.

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