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George Taylor is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in San Francisco, Marin County, CA.

A couples’ counselor, George has taught conscious relationship classes for over 25 years. He is inspired by the love and healing that couples can create by using simple mindfulness and communication tools.

He has taught these powerful tools and practices to thousands of couples at Spirit Rock Meditation Center and throughout the United States. He delights in communicating these teachings in body-based, experiential classes.

George specializes in teaching couples about communication and creativity.

In 2016 he published A Path for Couples: Ten Practices for Love and Joy.

Together, with his wife Debra, George created a model for couples on a path of healing and awakening, and he is committed to enjoying fun, creativity and play. Debra and George have spent 35 years working on their own relationship using practices they have learned from innovative teachers like Steven and Ondrea Levine and Gay and Katie Hendricks.

Please visit A Path For Couples to learn more about George and his practice.

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