About Fern Weis

Are you struggling with the challenges of parenting a confused, rebellious, ever-changing teen or tween?

I have been where you are. Our son had some very turbulent years in high school, and our family was in chaos. Out of options, we sent him to a wilderness program, and then Hyde School, a program of family-based character education. The critical piece of getting our son back, safe and whole, was the Hyde parent program.

Hyde transformed me and my family. I became a trained presenter of The Biggest Job We'll Ever Have, a parenting workshop series, based on the Hyde School program. Its core is values-based parenting. In addition, I facilitate parent weekends at the Woodstock, CT campus.

As a parent coach (and middle school teacher), I am committed to helping parents navigate the pre-teen to young adult years without the chaos, with increased confidence and calm, while preparing their children to be happy, successful, independent adults.

Imagine yourself:
* being more confident in decision-making and in consistently enforcing those decisions.
* setting health boundaries while giving your kids more personal responsibility.
* learning to truly communicate in a way that both you and your child can hear and be heard.

Imagine your children:
* developing healthy self-esteem and strength of character.
* becoming successful problem-solvers.
* learning to confidently resist peer pressure.
* committing to achievement and their education
* becoming really capable and prepared to be on their own when the time comes.

You will develop effective communication to transform the relationship with your teen. With your values as your foundation, you will open the door to meaningful communication that encourages sharing, helps kids to self-correct, and assume more responsibility.

It's never too late, and you don't have to do this alone.

My business, Your Family Matters, was founded in 2008. Since then I have been coaching and educating parents on the parent-teen relationship, letting go of the need to control, how to help kids become super problem-solvers, infusing values into parenting... in other words, how to raise teens to confident, self-sufficient adulthood and maintain your sanity along the way.

Parents work with me privately and in groups, and I provide a variety of workshop programs, both in-person and virtually. They include topics such as the parent-teen relationship, building respect and cooperation, the family meeting, problem-solving skills and more. Get a head start by signing up for the FREE Teleseminar, From Eye-Rolling to "I Love You": Transforming the Parent-Teen Relationship.  Or go straight to Talk So Your Teen Will Listen, a 4-week series that will put respect, cooperation and love back into life with your teen.  Early in 2013 I'll be launching a 3-month group coaching program, How to Love Them AND Let Them Go. It will include these topics in weekly sessions, as well as between-session support, and will provide personal copies of two books that every parent should read and refer to.

Whether things are going reasonably well, or you feel your family is headed toward a crisis, your kids are too important for you to just 'wing it'.  Start building a solid relationship foundation with your FREE Effective Parent/Successful Child Jumpstart Kit.  Remember, it's never too late (or too early) to do this work, and you don't have to do it alone.

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