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Ferlie Almonte is the CEO of Ferlilicious Enterprises, LLC. Her company provides Personal Transformation Products and Services. Under this enterprise, Ferlie is also the Designer and Creative Director of RESILIENCE by Ferlie Inspirational Jewelry and Apparel. Her mission to be the voice of hope, faith, courage and inspiration despite adversity propelled her to build Ferlilicious Enterprises.

Ferlie is no stranger to adversity. Born in the Philippines in 1962, She earned her Bachelors degree in Business Administration in 1982 and came to the US in 1984. Ferlie built a successful career in upscale retail sales management over 20 years, receiving awards and national recognition for her top sales performance. She took fashion design classes at FIT in NYC but switched to health care when she decided to have a family. Ferlie earned her certification as a Respiratory Therapist from Bergen Community College, while working full time. Disasters in life forced her to change jobs. Her marriage collapsed, the 9-11 disaster took her job, but the most devastating was her exposure to an occupational hazard that left her with permanent lung damage and severely debilitated for years. With hope and prayers, she received her miracle and went back to work. She reinvented her career. She landed a pharmaceutical sales position with Schering Plough. She also found love and got married. Her good fortune was short lived. She was laid off as a result of company merger, and lost her spouse to pancreatic cancer within eight months of marriage. Despite her string of misfortunes, Ferlie was always grateful, never resentful. RESILIENCE was her greatest gift. She decided to make an empowering choice to Turn her Mess into her Message and help people rise from their pain with grace and start over. Ferlie has advanced training and certification in Life Coaching from Coaching Cognition. She earned her Image Consulting certification from Image Resource Center in NY.

Ferlie co-authored an Amazon best selling book, Empowering Transformations for Women.

At her office at the Life and Image Transformation Center in Lodi, NJ, clients learn to Unleash their B.L.I.N.G. (Boldly Living in Natural Greatness) and begin their journey to an empowered, joyful, meaningful and authentic life.

For more information, please visit www.UnleashyourBling.com or send an email to info@ResiliencebyFerlie.com

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