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Hi I'm Dr. Eve Agee. I'm a life coach, best-selling author, and anthropologist. I've been happily married for over ten years and I'm the mother of a beautiful seven year-old boy. Over the past decade, I've had the honor of getting to help thousands of people create fantastic relationships and wonderful lives they thoroughly enjoy (check out testimonials here).

I came to this path after many years of heartbreak and relationship drama led me across the world on a journey of self-discovery. During this time, I learned about heart-focused healing from a variety of cultural and spiritual traditions.

I am also a highly trained relationship expert and certified Life Coach who has been featured nationally in magazines and radio. I hold a Ph.D. in Medical Anthropology and have served as a political appointee for the Clinton Administration and as a White House expert.  I have taught at the University of Virginia and speak nationally on women’s empowerment.

I have used my expertise to develop an amazing process that combines coaching, guided meditation, and belief transformation that will allow you to create magnificent relationships and a life full of love. If you would like to learn more about this, please sign up to receive my free newsletter here.  Just for signing up for my newsletter, you will receive a free Guided Meditation MP3 "Create Your Best Life".  My new bestselling women's health and empowerment book, The Uterine Health Companion (Celestial Arts, a Division ofRandom House), assists women at any stage of life in creating vibrant health, tapping into their inner wisdom, and receiving more love. It is the Winner of the International Book Awards Women's Health Category and an Award Winning Finalist of the USA "Best Books of 2011" Awards Women's Health and Women's Issues Categories. 

This groundbreaking book is filled with cutting edge research that reveals that the uterus can be a source of sexual pleasure, help protect the heart, and elevate emotional mood. 

I am so excited for you! Whether you are already in a committed relationship, looking for your life partner or opening up to self-love, I know your future will be full of rich relationships and many more beautiful gifts.

To your love and success,


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