About Emily Ramirez

Emily Ramirez is a cadre writer at BLUNTMoms, and chronicles her (mis)adventures in the parenting world on her humor blog, Hold Me, Don't Hold Me. She spends an absurd amount of time on Facebook writing and rewriting status updates, and has completely given up on understanding Twitter, though one day she hopes to surpass David Beckham in followers. She is by no means an expert on anything, but she does have a toddler and is expecting the arrival of her second child any second now, so she feels obligated to share stories with her readers that assure them they aren't the only ones who occasionally flip the bird when their kid isn't looking. While she enjoys trying to bring humor to topics that can feel overwhelming and downright depressing, she finds great joy in connecting with people who are struggling with parenting related issues, and always welcomes conversation via her Facebook page or email address, Toddlermama2014@gmail.com

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