About Elizabeth Park

As a narcissist recovery coach, I help abuse survivors reclaim their lives and identity, co-parent effectively after divorce, heal from trauma, and break generational patterns using powerful strategies and spiritual techniques that have worked wonders for me and for my clients.

Narcissist survivors are left feeling like human road kill. Beef jerky. Dried out, used up, and super salty.  

My clients are usually more focused on others than on themselves; so I help them heal first from the aftershocks of divorce and abuse because "you can't pour out of an empty cup," as the saying goes. 

If you're parenting after abuse, it's not easy to spot red flags in your kids' behaviors when you're not okay yourself.
Narcissist survivors are notoriously determined, resilient, and helpful; but we are not good at self-care. It feels wrong.

I grew up in a fundamentalist religious community, aka cult, surrounded by abusers and narcissists. I was taught to obey, submit, be modest, and be quiet. 

I was trapped and didn't know it. 

Then I attended a notoriously strict fundamentalist university in South Carolina, which reinforced all my early training and then some. 

I graduated with a masters degree in music education. Music has been (and continues to be) a crucial part of my recovery. 

Desperate for love, I married within the religious group; and I tried very hard to be the most perfect wife and mother and churchgoer I could be.  

However, I was exhausted and stressed and anxious and perfectionistic. I was trapped even within my own mind, because the church treated people who questioned the church as "rebels". God was presented as a scary Old White Dude who was waiting to smite people. 

Ironically, as an Aquarius, I was born to rebel. But I wasn't allowed to know about that, either. 

All of this harsh and fear-based teaching and rules left me full of shame and guilt, struggling to believe I had value and deserved love.

Finally, I escaped the religious group in adulthood, thanks to people who challenged my thinking and showed me love.
It didn't happen all at once; those layers can be tough to peel off. 

But the changes I made gave me the confidence to start becoming my real self, which my husband didn't like. I was no longer a great energy source for him.

He stepped out on the marriage, and then left me and my kids altogether to start a whole new family with his affair partner. 

After my divorce from the cheating narcissist, I found my healing path the hard way. The good thing about my years of struggle is that I can help others learn from my mistakes and take the fast lane out of narcissist hell. No more energy vampires. 

My favorite people are my fellow weirdos and outsiders, but I'm cool with normal people too. 

I live in Florida with my daughter, my standard poodle Jasper, and a very sweet/annoying cat who was supposed to be a girl but turned out to be a boy.

I enjoy hanging at my favorite pub, traveling, writing, and napping. Also coffee. 


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