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I’m Elisa Palumbo, and I am currently pursuing a master’s degree in English Literature. When I’m not studying and reading, I’m investigating new health trends and pushing my own fitness limits. I have worked as a Brand Ambassador for Vital Proteins and have blogged about work outs on my college’s Recreation Centers’ webpage. I have been writing and journaling since I was 8 or 9, and I love sharing my thoughts and ideas through the written word; I think it’s a powerful way to communicate with people, and I love how technology has made that so much easier for us to do.


When I started college, I considered studying Exercise Science or Health Promotions because I was always researching the latest health trends and exercises to learn how to live a more energetic and vivacious life. Though I debated on changing my major, I realized that learning how to write was a more important life skill and that I could pursue fitness and nutrition on the side as I developed my writing. So, health and fitness has become my side passion, and I hope to one day do more with it and hopefully write more about it, but it will always be a part of my life.


I believe our lives are directly impacted by the things we put into our bodies, good and bad; if we put bad things into our bodies, we will probably feel more sluggish and have less energy; if we put good things into our bodies, we will have more energy—hopefully enough to change the world. I have experienced seasons of life when I am more active and less active, and I have seen the difference that a change in health and nutrition can make in my energy levels and my complexion! I absolutely love helping and encouraging people to see that healthy food can actually taste good, and I love hearing when people tell me that they feel better after working out regularly or after taking a supplement I have recommended to them.  One day I would love to get certified as a nutritionist or personal trainer, but we’ll see where life takes me after I finish graduate school.


Currently, I am a graduate student assistant which means that I facilitate break-out sections of English 101; I help college freshmen with their writing skills. This job has reinforced the passion I have for helping people better themselves both in their academic life and in the physical lives; I love to see people succeed, especially when things finally click in their heads.

Email me if you have any questions or want to connect! I would love to hear from you! 

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