About Edward Leary

Hello everyone! My name is Edward (but you can call me Eddi!) and I am here to help you praise yourself, the people around you and receive the love you want and deserve. I am a lover of life and people, meaning, I have encountered multiple experiences in life that I feel need to be shared. Not only can people live vicariously through me but they can also find comfort in knowing that I might have experienced a situation similar to their own and made it out A-OK! 

I have been writing for 4 years and excel in creating self-help content, especially topics centered around communication, love and relationships. I also identify as Gay, so I have quite the opinionated voice for LGBTQIA+ related experiences and challenges. I have a lot of flair in both reality and in my writing. Get to know me and you will always find laughter and walk away enlightened.

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