About ME

I am the CEO of Dreamscapes and have been working in the adult industry for over a decade. I am an advocate for open and honest sexual education, freedom of choice and free health care for everyone.

I received my Doctorate in Therapy with a focus in Human Sexuality in 2001 and have been actively counseling and advising since that time. I have helped many people, groups, individuals and couples who were struggling with the stresses or overwhelming problems that life can often present within their personal sexuality.

I strongly believe in the well being of Mother Earth and our environment. In January 2009, Dreamscapes became the first company within the adult industry to become a nationally recognized Certified Green Business. I co-founded and established the nation’s first adult toy recycling program, where we collect broken, old or unused toys to have them properly broken down and recycled.

I am an environmental "Green" consultant exclusively to the adult industry. I provide guidance to manufacturers and retailers alike on how to become environmentally conscious and/or a Certified Green Business.