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Are you frustrated by your child or teen’s behaviors?

Do you struggle with a child who melts down, shuts down, or acts out when they have a problem?

Don’t you wish you could get some non-judgmental parenting support and tools that really work?

I'm Dr. Laura Dessauer and I developed the Comprehensive Family Support Program to help teach parents and children creative tools to help your child solve their problems, feel more confident and connected, and communicate better.

With 23 years of experience working with families, children and teens in over 21 school districts I am an art therapist, parent coach with a doctorate degree in counseling psychology, and the owner of an award winning business called the Creativity Queen LLC. I'm recognized as an international presenter, esteemed clinician, author, and winner of the 2007 Small Business of the Year Award (SCORE).

It is my mission to teach children and parents creative ways to connect and communicate with respect and compassion, so your child can feel happier and more confident.

Are you frustrated by your child’s behavior?
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