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Joshua began his journey in the world of natural health and metaphysics while simultaneously pursuing his Doctorate in Naturopathy and initiations in numerous energy modalities. He has a multifaceted background having worked with many groups and individuals practicing energy work, channeling, mediumship, and psychic intuition.

A lifelong passion for natural health, physical fitness, and nutrition put Joshua on a path to helping others through his guidance in Naturopathy and Holistic Mentoring. He remains committed to working with clients to achieve their best life possible by honoring and encouraging the client's own self mastery, wisdom, and intuition while supporting their wellness goals with light and information.

A longtime Master Practitioner of Reiki and Seichim energy work, Joshua was drawn to study the work of Dr. Eric Pearl and The Reconnection®. Having had The Reconnection® and now a Certified Reconnective Healing® Practioner, Joshua is pleased to offer this evolutionary light work as an emerging part of his practice.

Joshua is the Author of "The Quantum Prayer", where he describes in detail his experience with channeling guidance which led to the most profound shifts and greatest gifts in his life. He describes his experience of accessing healing at the Quantum level and as well as the major shift in his life which brought him together with his Twin Flame and life partner. His book "The Quantum Prayer: An Inspiring Guide to Love, Healing, and Creating the Best Life Possible" is now available on Amazon.

Joshua has masterfully brought together the worlds of natural health and metaphysics to help teach and educate others at the high-level perspective of the mind, body, spirit connection in an entirely new light. It has been his greatest pleasure to help others achieve love, peace, joy, and healing in their own lives.

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