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Do you love to laugh? I do. It’s such a great feeling, and it has so many benefits. Laughter decreases stress, improves your immune system, relaxes you, gets you in a better mood. It may sound funny to say, but as a licensed psychologist I am very serious about humor! Seeing the irony and absurdity in our life circumstances can lead us towards a deeper understanding of ourselves as well as a more healthy way of living.

That’s why therapy is a great place for laughing…a great place for humor. Can we take our problems seriously, find healthy ways to address our issues, and find ways to laugh with others and find humor in ourselves? I believe we can, and I believe I can help you do that. (For more information on me and my services please go to www.connollycounseling.com.)

Therapy, in part, should be an enjoyable experience. Yes, the process involves dealing with challenging situations and difficult emotions, but humor is vital to the process. Laughter is your birthright, and you deserve to experience all the benefits of having an abundance of humor in your life.

I recently celebrated my 40th birthday (told my friends we were celebrating my 21st birthday 19 years too late) and realized all the fun times I’ve had throughout my 20 years of professional experience. The different "hats" I've worn throughout my professional career also contribute to a deeper understanding of clients and their concerns. At one time or another I've been a high school teacher, educational consultant, math tutor, medical social worker, hospital case manager, and psychiatric hospital administrator.

I approach my work with compassion, humor, sincerity, and a strong desire to provide my clients with results that positively impact their lives. I enjoy what I do and I believe that has a positive impact on my clients. What a joy to be a psychologist!

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