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Welcome! I’m Diane and I am here to help you create the love you desire in your life!

Imagine how you would feel if we were able to elevate love in the key relationships in your life; with your partner, your work and with yourself. Your life could feel completely different! You know what I mean – the totally kick ass awesome kind of different. Do you agree? Then you have come to the right place!

Love hasn’t always been easy for me! In fact it has been my biggest challenge in life.

I did what I was supposed to do. I checked all of the boxes. I graduated from high school, preceded to University after which I got married…the first time. Got divorced. Climbed the corporate ladder, got remarried, had two beautiful children, got divorced a second time, continued to climb the corporate ladder to a six figure position…

And thought – is this really what life is all about? Why am I not happier? Why do I feel burned out, chewed up and spit out?

The answer was love. I was not in love with my life!

The only part of my life that made me feel happy and alive was being a mom. Work was just alright. For the last two years in my corporate life I was heavily involved in the planning and execution of several mass layoffs affecting hundreds of people. As someone who is all about creating, expansion and growth, this work was killing me slowly. And clearly my love life was far from stellar! I longed to have a constant safe place to fall; yet most of the time I felt alone facing this overwhelming dance we call life.

So I made a life altering decision to start consciously creating the life my heart and soul was longing to live; to create a life that I love. To stop living life day by day and start creating what I really desired.

I believe that our soul’s purpose lies within the broken parts of our lives. My challenges have provided an opportunity for me to learn about, gain awareness and grow significantly in the area of love. My journey and all of its messy parts has unveiled my soul’s purpose, which is to learn about and help you develop soul level connections with your partner, your work and yourself!

Soul level connections are deeper and more meaningful connections. They are where the yummy, juicy passionate bliss lies. When you elevate the key relationships in your life to a higher level life feels so much easier; you feel supported; life simply flows.

So are you ready for some of this yummy goodness? Then let’s get to it and Elevate LOVE in your life!

Diane xo

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