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I am an educator, counselor, relationship coach, trainer-of-trainers and author, trained in applied psychology to Masters level. I am Interested in gender issues and how public policy should assist in shaping attitudes to male/female concerns re sexuality, relationships and equality. Involved in relationship coaching, couple's therapy, counselling, and giving advice. Co-Founder of Better Blends Relationship Institute; a registered entity involved in training and counselling on relationships, family and personal development. Have written a motivational book entitled "YOUR BABY IS COMING NOW PUSH: THE BOOK ABOUT PREGNANCY WHICH IS NOT ABOUT PREGNANCY". This is a book about fulfilling life-dreams and goals. 

My new book "HOW TO HAVE MIND-BLOWING SEX WITHOUT LOSING YOUR BRAIN" is cuurently available in kindle/e-book format at; go to link for purchasing details:

How To Have Mind-Blowing Sex Without Losing Your Brain"

You can read my own blog on sex and sexuality by following this link

You can also listen to my lifestyle internet-radio show "Better Life With DeniseJ" here.

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