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Deborah began her career as an educator and was Awarded a scholarship to facilitate teacher development on learning environments early in her career. She was inspired to take this work into the business and corporate worlds and completed a Business Degree in Human Resource Development and a Masters in Social Ecology (Hons).

She successfully worked as a Management Consultant, Facilitator and Executive Coach working on national and international assignments in the first half of her working life. She gained a National Award for Mentoring and some of her clients received awards for business development during this time.

In mid-life she came to a realisation that there was much, much, more to learn and she went on a new journey to access ways to become more authentically aligned with who we are, body, mind and soul. 

Her journey took her to learn from ancient wisdom from indigenous peoples of Australia, the Himba people in Namibia, the Bushmen, the people of Lesotho, South Africa, from Buddhist practices with teachers such as Thich Nat Hanh, and Indian practices of meditation from the Art of Daily Living in India.

She sought out some of the western world’s greatest teachers and immersed herself in rich, holistic learning experiences with Dr Jean Houston, Social Artistry; Dr Margaret Paul, Inner Bonding; Kathy Pike, Equine Facilitated Learning; Cynthia Winton Henry and Phi Porter, Interplay; Dr Margaret Wheatley, self-organising systems, Dr Otto Scharmer presencing and many, many more. 

Deborah, also time out from the Corporate world to care for both her Mother and her Father to honor their wish to pass away at home and complete a family cycle. These heartfelt experiences and volunteering with OneGirl, in Sierra Leone have enriched her life beyond words.

Deborah is passionate about sharing how she has found the freedom and resilience to creatively work with life’s challenges, leading to a great sense of peace and creativity, and connected to an unlimited source of love.

She calls her practices, “Intuitive Body Wisdom”. These are ways to connect mind, body and soul, access your own authority and innate wisdom to have the resilience to create life with sensitivity and presence.

She now shares her life experiences both online via coaching, ebooks, ecourses and face-to-face via public speaking and workshops.

Deborah was awarded an Australian Award for citizen engagement in the late 80’s, and in 2010 was recognised as an Australian Arts Business State Award winner for her work as a Mentor and Consultant.  She has been an invited keynote speaker and event designer at International conferences to maximize the opportunity for engagement and participation and is a specialist in Action Learning methods. 

Deborah draws on her wealth of knowledge as a consultant, facilitator, coach, life long learner and her extensive academic studies including a Masters of Applied Science, Social Ecology (Honours), a Bachelor of Business Degree (Human Resource Development), a Graduate Diploma in Language and Learning and a Diploma in Education. Her continual work focuses on the application and integration of arts, science, business, nature and indigenous practices for a holistic and unified way of being for individual, organisational and global transformation.

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