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Greetings, as a clinical and spiritual social worker and professional life coach, I seek to assist individuals in finding what blocks their energy and potential. Through a variety of techniques I help clients understand and transform these blocks into higher awareness and more positive and productive patterns of living and being.

For 25 years, I've been assisting individuals, couples and organizations with issues related to trauma, depression, anxiety, uncertainty, change, self-esteem and grief. Helping people like you, learn from their struggles and pain from the soul personality level, not just the human personality. I am currently writing a book entitled: Just Be Love: Messages of the Spiritual and Human Journey. This book takes you on a journey of the ideal and struggles of human love and helps you more deeply discover where divine love can be found and experienced.  

When you are ready and willing, I am a guide offering support to help you discover your pathway from what you have been to what you can be. I help you heal your past and activate your present to happiness and greater potential.

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