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I’m Courtney, the sassy, tell-it-like-it-is working mom behind Shiraz In My Sippy Cup. This blog sprang to life as most mommy blogs do: I wanted a way to document my daughter’s life – the good, the bad and the poopy.   Okay, maybe not the poop but it was important to me to find a way to put into writing all of the ups and downs that go hand in hand with parenting, especially being a mom and a mom who works full time outside of the home. I expected to do a little bit of dabbling here and there, nothing much; just enough for me to have a creative outlet and possibly “meet” other moms online who share the same struggles, philosophies in parenting and joys as I do.    Well, 10,000+ readers/month later along with 4 published articles, 1 blog award and several dear friends to boot, I’ve far exceeded my intended goals of simple documentation and gained so much more in the process.   I found you.   If you’re reading Shiraz In My Sippy Cup it’s because you find honest talk about the trials, joys and tribulations of parenting refreshing because let’s face it – parenting isn’t always a walk in the park. Sometimes it’s more like being the keeper at the zoo: smelly, crazy and downright far from perfect. This blog is a place where you can come, no matter what stage of parenting you’re in, let your hair down and simply be who you are without feeling the need to be anything more. Here on my blog, I’m always keeping the talk on parenting, life and kiddos real.    I currently live in Georgia with my better half Michael but my heart and soul will always belong to Tennessee {GO VOLS!} I’m living life by day working in marketing and communications and by night, I transform into Wonder Woman or better known to my daughter as “mommy.” I’m family oriented and big on manner, humility and traditions. When I’m not dealing with my tenacious but insanely adorable 4 year old, you can find me enjoying a glass or two {possibly 3} of my favorite wine, Shiraz, while cheering on my Tennessee Vols or reading a great book.  

I post 4-5 times a week with topics ranging from parenting advice and tips, working mom support, mommy confessionals and a few good eats along the way. If you’re new to my blog, I encourage you to visit my ‘Best Of’ page where you can catch up on my best posts to give you an idea of what I’m about.


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