About Valerie Bevilacqua

I'm a freelance writer from Toronto (born and raised); with a passion for anything entertainment and lifestyle-related!

In 2010, I graduated from York University with an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Professional Writing (specializing in the Periodical Journalism stream). After earning my degree, I started my own blog, which was appropriately titled "The Four Fs: (Fitness, Fashion, Fame & Fun!)". It's where I began hunting down publicists and securing interviews with various celebrities, such as Full House's Jodie Sweetin and Saved By The Bell's Lark Voorhies.

Shortly after, my work has been featured on avenues; such as BuzzFeed, MSN India, Elite Daily, Maxim Canada, iVillage Canada, XXL.com - and more. I have also been a recurring contributor for Thought Catalog and Medium.

Finally, I was also working as a Canadian editorial intern and, later, as a junior editor on contract for Heavy.com - a website that has been apparently recognized by the New York Times. 

Any inquiries can be sent to: bevilacqua.valerie@gmail.com