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So happy to be here!
I have had the pleasure of helping 100's of men and women break through their personal obstacles so that they can have healthy, happy, amazing love in their lives.
I began my career with a long teaching career and a Masters in Human Development. My interest in the healthy development of children's social and personal sense of themselves, later evolved into studying how the brain develops belief and identity patterns that either keep us stuck or help us have amazing lives. I realized that the young lives of these children would shape them forever.
With a profound interest in neurology and neuro plasticity, I studied NLP Neuro-Re-Repattening for 2 years and received my Master NLP Practitioner Degree. My focus became working with adults that were stuck and hitting obstacles in their lives, especially around love and relationship.
Uncovering my clients' deep rooted beliefs about themselves and relationship and then shifting those limiting beliefs so that they can have the love lives they truly desire has been such an amazing journey for me. I am blessed to be able to help so many people with unblocking their hearts by changing their brains.
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