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I attended Duke University where I completed my Bachelors and Medical Degrees and interned in Internal Medicine.  I then competed a year of Surgery Residency at Barnes Hospital/Washington University and 5 years of Neurosurgery Residency at Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard.  I have served on the falculty at Case Western Reserve, U. of Minnesota, U. of Wisconsin, Forest Institute of Professional Psychology and Holos University Graduate Seminary.

My discoveries include Dorsal Column Stimulation, Transcutanesou Electrial Nerve Stimulation (TENS) and my most important, TRANSCUTANEOUS ACUPUNCTURE,  which allows you to do it yourself in 30 seconds! I introduced the concept of Medical Intuition and have worked with Caroline Myss for 30 years. I have worked with well over 30,000 patients who failed convention medicine and have a success rate of 85%

I have published 29 books and over 300 articles. My latest work Conversations with G – A Physician’s Encounter with Heaven is available on my website.

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