About Beth Cone Kramer

I am a freelance journalist, author, and the co-founder of the soon-to-be-launched Divorce.ly, a comprehensive support site for women in all stages of divorce. Throughout my journalism career, I've covered and continue to cover topics from hospitality, health, technology, and real estate to dating and divorce. I have curated a thorough virtual Rolodex of experts to pull from and it's my hope that I can use my own experience, plus knowledge I've acquired, to help women navigate the sometimes choppy but often exciting waters of single and divorced life, whether opening a dialogue about family challenges, finding a humorous twist to a viral political or celebrity story, sharing tips for online dating, or even  finding ways to get through a "dry period!" Whether you've always been single, are in an LTR, are newly divorced, or it's been a while, think of me as that girlfriend with all sorts of helpful info, including a cocktail recipe or two!

People sometimes ask how long I've been a writer. I usually answer since I was assigned spelling sentences in the first grade. To me, there's nothing much more exciting than an empty screen, a mind filled with ideas, and the ability to connect the two. I am passionate about sharing experiences or what I've learned from interviewing experts in various fields. I often approach my work by thinking about what I would like to know, finding  and reaching out to the top experts from around the U.S. and sometimes, beyond.  When I was contemplating career options following my stay at home years, I thought about what really motivated me, what has been the link between my professional experiences. What I discovered was that I love finding out information and communicating what I've learned with others in a "let's sit down for a cup of coffee or cocktail" sort of way.

After graduating from Vanderbilt University with a degree in Spanish Language & Literature (I know, what was I thinking!), I tooled around fashion, politics, and entertainment before getting married, teaching elementary school for a few years before a stint as a stay at home mom till I divorced in 2010. A perpetual student, I have not one but two nutrition/health coach certifications, a barre certification, and numerous courses under my belt, which I sometimes apply to my writing.

Outside  of Your Tango, I've written for Huffington Post, numerous magazines, and provide web content for a number of international companies and websites. I'm currently in the start-up stages of a comprehensive multi-media guide to help women get through divorce and co-authoring "Bachelor Girl Guide: Thriving Solo After 40." I'm the mother of two daughters and a Maltese named Yvette. An avid follower of politics, I am fairly addicted to barre workouts and yoga, and a lifelong foodie. I binge watch Netflix series and The Good Wife, which sometimes makes me wish I had gone to law school, if only for Alicia's wardrobe and a chance for my own Will! (And the chance to kick some ass in court!)

My life philosophy isn't so much that everything happens for a reason but that life is so much better when you create meaning from your experiences. As an Angeleno, I would share sometimes life means you're sailing down PCH with the top down, the glimmering Pacific beside you. Other times, you're stuck in a Sig Alert on the freeway with no exit ramps in sight. Just turn up the tunes, enjoy the company of your traveling companion, whether it's your child or a friend, or just be comfortable in the silence, finding gratitude for what you do have.

At the end of the day, if I've reached one person who is struggling through divorce or some other challenge, brought some laughs, or just provided entertaining and useful reading material while you wait at the car wash, I've had a great day! 






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