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I am fascinated by the power of the human spirit. My work has grown from original studies in health and physical education to the most recent “science of love”. For many people, these disciplines have been separate. However, wider acceptance of the mind-body connection, Eastern philosophies and practices and their positive impact on health, as well as greater understanding of how emotions affect physical and mental health have enabled us to attend to the entire person and the integration of these aspects of ourselves.

It is such an encouraging experience to see someone really get a different perception of their circumstances.  Somehow a light shines – the encouragement and support they need, a piece of information, a resource they find available, and mostly an undeniable belief in themselves as the unique, worthy, valuable human being they are…which becomes freeing, comforting, and safe.  I have found much more often than not…that this insight ignites a totally different perception. It  shows in their eyes, and in their whole physical presence and energy. In most cases, clients self-report improvement – in moods, outlook, physical health, and motivation. Their sense of confidence and well-being is apparent, and whatever steps they need to take are in motion.   THIS is why I love my work!

I invite you to explore the possibilities with me. I have studied with some of the most creative and effective teachers and therapists on the planet. They all may not be on the world stage, but they are impacting the worlds of thousands of people. I want EVERYBODY to know about the work and to have the opportunity of living wholeheartedly.

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