About Amy Robbins-Wilson

Though I had worked for years as an arts therapist and school counselor, my life changed when I became a mother. My son and I almost died on an emergency room table due to a placental abruption. The first time I held my son (the day after he was born in the neonatal intensive care unit) I made God a grateful promise that I would use all of my talents and abilities to serve new mothers, new babies and new families.

My first few years as a mother were full of challenges and miracles. My son was diagnosed with another life threatening illness at 14 months when he conquered Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome. I have dealt first hand with post partum anxiety and I know the unique stresses associated with having a sick child and an emergency birth. It was my music, my training and prayer that got me through the post partum period and helped me get my “fun mommy self” back

I am a Musical Parenting Expert and a Healing Music Artist. I serve families interested in lullabies and musical parenting at http://www.lullaby-link.com (you can sign up for your free musical parenting video course there) and in our 8 week online course http://www.mommyjingles.com

My book Transformational Mothering-A Prayerful Companion for New Mothers and my CD The Divine Hours of Motherhood were both honored with Mom’s Choice Awards. You can find those, as well as my other CD’s and digital collections of music: Lullaby and Goodnight-33 Lullabies for babies, Circling, Angel Baby Lullabies, Hush Little Baby, Golden Slumbers, Angel Lullabies at Amazon.com, iTunes and the Android Marketplace.

Our Mobile Apps are also available on iTunes and at http://www.AngelsongBabySleep.com

I perform a limited number of Angel Baby Remembrance Concerts each year to honor those babies who left the world too soon. http://www.angelbabylullabies.com

My hope is that you will find comfort and inspiration in my words and in my work. I hope that you will find my work of use as I move forward each day to fulfill the promise I made the first time I held my son.

Blessings on your journey!

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