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Hi! I’m Dr. Amy Johnson, a Psychologist and Master Certified Coach. My passion is helping people recognize and change unwanted patterns. That could mean anything from falling for the same “wrong” person over and over, replaying old patterns in relationships, or dealing with insecurity, trust or communication issues. I love helping people change the beliefs and habits that stand in their way so they can create the relationships and the life they truly want.

The thing is, when you begin to think and see things differently, you interact with the world in a more empowered and less fearful way. You learn to create exactly the kind of relationships you desire. Although coaching isn’t always easy, my clients often say they love the process because I offer instantly useable advice while challenging them to find their own truth through my proven effective coaching system. And it’s all done in a light-hearted and supportive way. Click here to read some of my success stories.

I wrote a popular relationship advice column for several years called Ask Amy. My practical, spot-on advice and powerful questions garnered me a large and dedicated online following. Most of all, it was really fun to share what I had to learn the hard way. Although I’m happily married now, I all too clearly remember feeling frustrated and hopeless in the dating world.

I write a blog which is full of down-to-earth and achievable steps to living a happier, more enlightened life. I’ve also co-authored a book called Changes of the Heart which helps readers face a variety of life challenges by taking positive, proactive steps. My coaching practice has been featured in several national publications and in a documentary film.

I live in Chicago but work with clients worldwide via telephone, email coaching, and virtual coaching programs. I regularly speak to audiences nationwide on topics such as creating a life you design, improving overall happiness, and embracing change in relationships and in life.

You can check out the blog and grab a FREE copy of my e-book at www.DrAmyJohnson.com

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